Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder & Jeremy Meeks?

Did you hear the news? Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder had a baby! Did you hear the other news? They named it Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder! Did you hear the other *other* news? They're taking "one month of silence" without visitors or phones, so it looks like we won't be hearing from them! (We doubt they'll make it more than a couple of days.) Also featured in today's episode: The Kevin Can Wait Update (a new weekly feature), Jeremy Meeks, (the hot felon who has a scorned wife and a billionaire girlfriend), and RITA—whose album was delayed *yet again*.

Who's There: Melora Hardin & Trisha Paytas?

On today's call-in edition of Who? Weekly—we're shook over The Bachelorette finale (but mostly by her #spon); we're shook over how Anna Faris and Chris Pratt released their break-up news (Are iMessages the new Notes app?); we're shook that YouTube legend is living in the Celebrity Big Brother house; and we're shook by the breakout star of The CW's The Bold Type. (HINT: She's an icon and a legend.)

Erinn Hayes & Joanna Krupa?

We couldn't help ourselves. Today's episode begins with even more chatter about Erinn Hayes, the ***FORMER*** star of Kevin Can Wait who was cruelly killed off by bigwigs at CBS who think America would prefer Leah Remini. (They're not wrong, but we're still sad about Erinn.) Later, the smelly pu...vagina story heard 'round the world--or at least in the general vicinity of Bravo--has finally come to an end. Next up, Lindsey makes Bobby play a game about two very recent Wholebrity weddings. And finally, Rita was allegedly chosen by teens.

Who's There: Carl Lentz & Poppy?

First, the new Jessica Biel USA show that has us asking...Why are we seeing the poster for this wherever we go? Then, speaking of new TV shows, we get the full rundown (from a local!) of MTV's Laguna Beach knock-off, Siesta Key. Plus, who's Poppy and why is the internet obsessed with her? And why is Justin Bieber cancelling his world tour to hang out with a sexy preacher named Carl?

Charli's 'Boys' & Gravity Blue Smith?

Welcome to the world, Gravity Blue Smith! We're so pleased to have you here. As your first duty on this planet, we're gonna go over all the Boys in Charli XCX's brand new music video "Boys". (It's a lot of boys, am I right?) Get yourself some breastmilk to go, because it's going to be quite the ride. Then, do you know who Deidre Ball is? Don't worry, I didn't either until this week. We're so proud of you and hope you grow up to be what Cindy Adams would call "a non-person"!

Who's There: Jake Paul & Tiffany Haddish?

First, an A-Block like you've never experienced (and never will again, hopefully)...Doctor Who-Gives-a-Fuck, am I right? Don't answer that. Then, Girls Trip breakout star Tiffany Haddish, Jake Paul, a breakdown of the "Whoiest name", Bella Thorne v Bella Hadid and Kardashian hanger-ons Scotty Cunha and Simon Huck inspire us to invent a new acronym: THAMPS. You'll have to listen to hear what it means!

Matt Bellassai? (ft. Matt Bellassai)

Two Monday interviews in a row? You're so lucky. Also, we were *so* on vacation, but more on that in the intro. (Which, by the way, doesn't sound GREAT because idyllic cabins aren't great for recording, so please forgive us.) Joining us in this episode is iconic wine drinker, complainer, podcast host, author, and Harry Styles fan Matt Bellassai! He talks to us about what it's like to be a Who with a VERY unique internet fandom, the Whos and Thems of celebrity wine brands, and--how could we forget--Christy Carlson Romano.

Who's There: Olivia Jade Giannulli & Kyle Christie?

From Full House offspring to someone's god-sister getting the DO NOT DATE HIM warning of a lifetime, welcome to yet another episode of Who's There, in which we take your calls and try not to get stuff wrong. Today: Can you name any members of Imagine Dragons? Can you name the new Doctor Who? (Hint: It's a woman.) Can you name anyone in the 1999 film, "The Blair Witch Project"? We don't talk about that last thing, I was just wondering if you could.

Lauren Collins? (ft. Lauren Collins)

In honor of Canada's 150th birthday (you don't look a day over 100, queen!), today's episode features the star of legendary Canadian export, Degrassi, Lauren Collins! That's right: PAIGE. Lauren chats about Canadian whos, how often she's recognized in America, and her most famous former classmate, Aubrey Drake Graham.

Who's There: Oliver Hudson & Genghis Khan II

R.I.P. Ghenghis Kahn (the original), who died what we learn is a horrible death. On to more cheery topics, Lele Pons (Remember her?) tried to donate her weave to Locks of Love and Christopher Nolan "has no idea" who Harry Styles is...err...was...before he cast him in Dunkirk. Plus, are there Them bands with all Who members? And when was the exact moment in time when YOU realized that Oliver Hudson was Kate Hudson's brother? Find out in this week's Who's There!

Lindsay Shookus & William Lynch?

Instead of boring you with dozens of Shookus puns, let's just get right to the point: this week we discuss Ben Affleck's new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus (specifically why she reminds us of Nina Katz), Khloe Kardashian's favorite florist (he's a Cleveland teen), and Julianne Hough's wedding--WHICH FINALLY HAPPENED. Plus: we play a "game" about celebrity dog names.

Oh, and one more thing...Rita's writing a movie.

Who's There: Nikki Blonsky & WhoSay?

Back from a long holiday weekend, and we missed a Nikki Blonsky Instagram livestream? WHAT? Catch up with us on that journey, as well for details on Brie Larson's music career, which Haim sister is Bobby's favorite (HINT: it's the Who-iest one), Suki Waterhouse's latest starring(!) role, the Whos and Thems of nuts and what exactly is WhoSay and why do some celebs still use it?

Who's There: Hassan Jameel & Acacia Brinley?

This week on Who's There? it's true, we're catering to YOU. First, more on Rihanna's new hook-up, Hassan Jameel, and whyyyyy that explains her 'feud' with Naomi Campbell. Then, who remains a Who post-Pretty Little Liars? Is it...all of them? Some of them? A newly-mommy'd mommy vlogger named Acacia Brinley who does some of the most impressive Instagram #spon we've ever seen. James Packer gets himself into some trouble with the Israel government? (And Mariah has no idea what we're talking about.) Ed Westwick got a new girlfriend and her name SOUNDS familiar? Anyone? Bueller? Teresa Giudice Vagina Monologues?

Lonzo Ball & Rachel Lindsay (ft. Who Dat?)

Amina and Shani are back this week for another installment of Who Dat, and there's SO much to cover. From the basketball player whose last name is literally Ball and whose company branding looks like the Better Business Bureau logo to whether or not Blair Underwood is a Them. (SPOILER: HE IS DEFINITELY A THEM, YOU MONSTERS!) P.S. if you know the person in charge of Rachel Lindsay's Instagram account (or of you're Rachel Lindsay herself), please get in touch with Amina IMMEDIATELY.

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Who's There: Drake Bell & Braison Cyrus?

Today on Who's There? A shocking twist in the Bachelor in Paradise saga—even we didn't see this coming. Plus, Drake Bell and Josh Peck fight it out on social media, Callie Hernandez, Miley Cyrus' brother Braydon (and do we HAVE to talk about him?), why Lindsey can't finish a book (HINT: it has to do with her discovering Terrace House on Netflix) and...Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.

Jordan Gavaris & Bachelor in Paradise?

After beginning the show with the first (and hopefully last) instance of Lindsey discussing the plot of The Boss Baby, we dive into two instances of Whos and Who? Weekly being brought up to ACTUAL Whos Ansel Elgort (he'll be a Them soon enough) and...Jordan Gavaris. Moving on, Lindsey explains what's going on with Bachelor In Paradise, Bobby explains why he thinks Ty Burrell pooped his pants in Times Square as opposed to peeing them, and Rita wears stripes.

Who's There: Kate Bosworth & The Kaplan Twins?

The Whos...the Thems...the fabric of our lives. ~Zooey Deschanel...and Kate Bosworth...and us on this week's Who's There? featuring all of the above. Plus, art world Whos, The Kaplan Twins, Kaitlyn Isham and Cheryl Maitland, a list of Gay Thems who are Straight Whos (according to Bobby) and the correct way to pronounce "Degrassi" — SHOCKING REVEAL: Lindsey got it wrong.

Diana Madison & Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo?

You probably heard about that big interview with Amanda Bynes (her first in years)--maybe you eve heard about her referencing that iconic "MURDER MY VAGINA" tweet!--but did you actually WATCH it? If so, you may have wondered who the hell Diana Madison was. We sure did, and do our best to explain who she is on today's episode. After that, we discuss Jessica Chastain's new whosband, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, and play a special HGTV version of I Don't Know Her. Then, as always, Rita, who is rocking both curls AND sideboob.

Who's There: Max Minghella & Sean Giambrone?

Hugh Sheridan? Asher Angel? Max Minghella? Jimmy Brooks? (Yes, that last one is a *bit* misleading.) Today's show is chockfull of your questions and our sometimes-answers. For example, why are Tim Meadows and Catt Sadler (???) in an extremely confusing car ad? Did Jennifer Lopez know who Bethenny Frankel was pre-A Rod? And find out exactly what Cory Monteith's brother doing in Canada...You don't wanna miss it.

Hannah Bronfman & Austin Swift?

We're sorry for missing last Monday's (we were trying to identify Wholebrities IRL), but are happy to be back to our regular schedule. And lemme tell you--it's a doozy. After a brief update on Bella Thorne's form, we move on to what may have been the wedding of the, or at the very least the wedding of this particular lunar cycle. Hannah Bronfman, a Who we've somehow never discussed before, married someone who shares not one, not two, but THREE of her jobs. If that's not true love, I don't know what is. 

Also on today's show: The protesters at Rebel Wilson's defamation suit were incredible, Rob Kardashian doesn't know her, and Austin Swift is #notgonnahappen.