Who's There: Raff Law & Trevor Donovan?

This week on Who's There, Lindsey and Bobby check in after a tour stop in our nation's capital to discuss people you've absolutely never heard of: like Jude Law's son Raff! In addition to Mr. Law, we discuss Pierce Brosnan's iconic Mamma Mia song, Anthony Rapp, Trevor Donovan, and what the hell happened to Sean William Scott. (Spoiler: nothing dramatic.)

Charlie Heaton & Chrishell Stause?

ATTENTION WASHINGTON DC PALS: if you're around tonight and wanna have a good time, come on by the Who? Weekly show! Yes, that's tonight, Monday 10/30. Now that we've got that promo out of the way, did you know anyone 'Who' is anyone was at Matthew Morrison's Halloween bash? It's true. Another exclusive event? Colton Haynes' wedding!!! which did indeed happen. Other things that happened? Tamar Braxton's divorce, Cardi B's engagement and another wedding: Chrishell! Strause! Plus a Stranger Things kid tried to bring cocaine into America. Which one? We'll let you guess.

Who's There: Samara Weaving & Frito Pie?

Hello from San Francisco! We're back out west and fresh from last night's flawless show. On today's Who's There? Lindsey talks about Judaism for a unnecessarily long time and Bobby, in return, talks about frito pie for EVEN LONGER. You'll learn so much! Plus, Post Malone, Samara Weaving (is she related to Hugo????) and don't you ever just feeling like discussing Christine Baranski? We do.

Keyshia Ka’oir & Matthew Hussey?

After a Kevin Can Wait Update™, we discuss Karlie Kloss's new talk show called MOVIE NIGHT that is neither about movie night OR a talk show. What is it, then? No idea! That's a question for her friend Matthew Hussey. Moving on, we chat about her literal opposite, followed by a chat about Gucci Mane's iconic wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir.

Who's There: Katharine McPhee & Why Don't We?

If I can be honest with you guys, it's very late and I'm very tired from staying up to finish editing the podcast. Basically: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got engaged, there are two new boybands climbing the charts, someone's boyfriend really loves Katharine McPhee, "Who is Bella Thorne?" was an answer on Jeopardy! and there's a huge 27 Dresses CONSPIRACY on Wikipedia.

Kaia Gerber & Millie Bobby Brown?

Hellooooo from the windy city! That's Chicago (FYI), and after 72 long hours hanging out at the bean and touring most of the locations from My Best Friend's Wedding, we're taking a break to play an epic match-up of "I Don't Know Her." It's been a while since we've played, and we're ready to make some tough decisions. Then, WHAT'S RITA UP TO? (A: What ISN'T she up to, really.)

Who's There: Georgina Chapman & Theresa Caputo?

One day they'll give us 1-800-WHO-THEM, but for now you'll have to remember that it's a 619 (Thanks, San Diego!) area code so you don't get some sort of sex line. (Or so we've heard!) Thank god enough people remembered the correct number, because today we're talking about Elizabeth Gillies (#spon), why A Walk to Remember is *actually iconic* (but is it tho?), Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray, why Becky G was dragged off a Fifth Harmony concert stage (#cursed), Georgina Chapman and why how much we'd pay to see Long Island medium Theresa Caputo at a casino. (A: Not much.)

Brandon Flynn & Tay Strathairn?

After beginning the episode with a story about the two Whos (and two Thems) Bobby encountered on a recent flight, we move on to the following topics:

  • Sam Smith's new boyfriend
  • Grace Gummer's new boyfriend
  • Sofia Vergara's request
  • Mandy Moore's endoscopy
  • Jude Law's sweatpants
  • Rita Ora's balloons

I assure you that these topics are all profoundly interesting.

Who's There: Colin Jost & Tana Mongeau?

Your thoughts on Pioneer Woman (Anne Ma-)Ree Drummond? (Yes, that's her real name!) We'll start with those. Then, exactly why Shania Twain has NOT met Brad Pitt—he truly does not impress her...much, why Josh Gad's tweets are suspect, if Mandy Moore's dye job changed her career trajectory, if Bella Thorne is *actually* dating YouTuber named Tana Mongeau and blah blah blah who the hell cares about Colin Jost. Join us!

Ree Drummond & Eva Marcille?

Despite Bobby's irrational frustrations with Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman), her appearance on last week's People cover has made her impossible to ignore. And after sharing some fun facts about her and Ladd (can you believe both of them have double letters in their monosyllabic names?!?!), we provide you with a Kevin Can Wait Update™, discuss Eva Marcille's big return to reality TV, and provide proof that breaking up with Heidi Klum is hazardous to one's wellbeing.

Who's There: Kevin Hunter & Bill Skarsgård?

Q: Did the blinds about the (alleged) triple Kardashian pregnancy THREE YEARS AGO? A: Depends on how devious you consider Kris Jenner to be. Plus, Wendy Williams becomes the center of a major Daily Mail investigation, we decipher the Skarsgårds from the Sarsgaard and Scheana Shay does groundbreaking #spon for a lawyer. One more double-sided Q: Does Donatella Versace know who George Bush is? Does George Bush know who Donatella Versace is?

KJ Apa & Fergie's Unidentified Smoothie?

After opening the episode with a VERY special unboxing segment (yes, we understand unboxing is an ineffective concept on a podcast), we bring you a politics-adjacent Kevin Can Wait Update™, followed by big stories on: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Fergie's smoothie, and--unfortunately--Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. Turns out Reed got pregnant because Somerhalder threw her birth control pills in the toilet, but before you get outraged...read her Notes App screenshot. (We were unable to provide audio from Nikki and Ian's interview because the podcast it came from mysteriously deleted the episode...hmm...)

And then there's Rita, who was so busy this week singing covers, releasing music videos, and wearing fanny packs on her shoulder.

Who's There: Sophie Monk & Lil Peep?

Did you watch The Emmys? Wondering who that announcer was? Well, you're not alone. That guy! Plus! So much more, including: Emmy winner Ann Dowd, rapper Lil Peep (yes, the guy with the plentiful face and neck tattoos who is ALLEGEDLY dating Bella Thorne), singer Dua Lipa, the break up of Hayden and Rachel and brand new Aussie Bachelorette, Sophie Monk. (Australia, tell us, do you claim her?)

Francia Raisa & Taylor Goldsmith?

Fresh off the first shows of our Fall 2017 Tour (HAVE YOU BOUGHT TICKETS YET?!), we get right back into it with a discussion about some very important, very new Them-adjacent Whos: Francia Raisa (the woman who gave Selena Gomez her kidney) and Taylor Goldsmith (the man who gave Mandy Moore his heart).

Also in this episode: Shawn Mendes's favorite scent, a Kevin Can Wait Update, some HUGE Rita Ora news, and the fight that left Mario Lopez's phone shattered in a Las Vegas gym.

Who's There: Eric Decker & Justin Bobby?

Knock, knock? It's been a while since I've done that joke, right? It's time for another Who's There? on the first day of our Big Fall Tour. (See you tonight in Brooklyn, ya'll!) First, you (yes, YOU) get down to the bottom of why John Stamos was at that random Nina Dobrev-hosted lake party. Then, last night's telethon. Did you watch it? Lindsey did. Plus, what it feels like to wake up after surgery and realize that Eric & Jessie: Game On is the only show left on TV. And do Stephen Dorf and Elle Fanning keep in touch?

Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Paul Hollywood?

We're back from a vacation that wasn't with a brand new episode! After a quick Kevin Can Wait Update, we talk about your FAVORITE Bachelor ever, Arie Luyendyk Jr.! Or maybe he's your LEAST favorite Bachelor ever! Or maybe you don't even remember him! Or maybe you swore off watching every entry in the Bachelor franchise!!! The point is, this Arie guy is dull. Also in today's episode: a Property Brother was conned out of $80,000 worth of magic tricks before he was a Property Brother, Paul Hollywood made a dumb decision, and Margot Robbie didn't know her.

Who's There: James Blunt & Chord Overstreet?

Anyone feel like they didn't hear ENOUGH about Kaley Cuoco's partnership with / love of Panera's new Beverage Station? Well, lucky for you, there's a lot more where that came from. Beyond Kaley's love for low-cal beverages, we've got an explanation of why James Blunt appears to be *everywhere*, why even a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD didn't get Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" video, if Swipe Up is the new Link in Bio, and why John Stamos was hanging out with Nina Dobrev and Chord Overstreet at an '80s Labor Day party.

Casa Zeta-Jones & Abigail Anderson?

Look, we know Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Them, but her new line of home goods, aptly named Casa Zeta-Jones, is *absolutely* a Who. After exploring her minimal--though immensely satisfying--internet presence (have you ever SEEN an Instagram grid as good as hers?!), we move on to stories about Derek Hough's love for veganism, the way Us Weekly covered Abigail Anderson's wedding (Spoiler: they don't show the bride's face), and play a special Labor Day game of 'Labor Day or Labor Nay'.

Who's There: Rachel McCord & Louise Linton?

First we tips from Fame Game author and all-around celebrity expert, Rachel McCord, by reading her website. Then, we use those tips to investigate the recent (and past!) scandal's of Louise Linton—yes, the Instagram getting-off-the-plane lady. Plus, did LOST produce any Thems? And we discover the most important thing that happened surrounding MTV's VMAs this year. (No, it wasn't any of the actual awards.)

Autumn In the Vineyard & Julia Michaels?

Well well well, Bobby finally sat down and watched not ONE but TWO movies about an unexpectedly romantic season in a vineyard over the weekend, and has plenty to say about the experience. We chase that full-bodied cabernet sauvignon with a little chatter about Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's 100% totally real engagement, Jessie J's love of Cheetos, Dylan Sprouse's (the non-Jughead Sprouse) hypnotic non-admission of guilt, and--after a rundown of this year's Whoiest VMA nominees--the most UPSETTING Rita Ora story of 2017.

Are you ready for Summer in the Whoniverse?