Who's There: Douglas Friedman & The Clermont Twins?

Honk honk! All aboard the Cincinnati trolley. It's me, 98 degrees guy Nick Lachey! I've done other things, too. But today I'm gonna tell you what the people are calling 619 WHO THEM to ask about. A brand new cast of America's first foray into Celebrity Big Brother? You don't say! Why didn't anyone call me. They certainly called such Whos as Mark McGrath and Ross Mathews! Next, the Claremont Twins...why? After that, Paddington 2? Thoughts? Plus, and celebs who meet on planes Josh Duhamel (him again?) does a Taco Bell ad. Oh! Some guy named The Fascinator. Who he? Next stop: Whoville. Stand clear of the closing doors.

Carlotta Kohl & The Pasta?

It's not about the pasta, it's about Jack Antonoff's new girlfriend Carlotta Kohl.

It's not about the pasta, it's about this new Zandy Reich/Lea Michele conspiracy theory.

It's not about the pasta, it's about Taryn Manning's feud with Chaunielle Brown.

It's not about the pasta, it's about the Best New Artist nominees at the Grammys.

It's not about the pasta, it's about Rita Ora causing an asset avalanche.

Who's There: Rory Farquharson & Troye Sivan?

Have you ever been as thoroughly moved as Bobby was while watching Jessie J perform "Domino" on a Chinese reality show? I bet not. We try and figure out why exactly she was there, plus: Malia Obama's new boyfriend(?), Rory Farquharson and a former YouTuber-turned-singer who made his Saturday Night Live debut. And how Nick Lacey cursed the city of Cincinnati's streetcars. (Oh! I almost forgot...Mark McGrath?)

Cherry Seaborn & Meghan the Okapi?

The club isn't the best place to find a Wholeb so this 'cast is where you go! (Sorry.)

On today's episode, a risk analyst named Cherry Seaborn decides Ed Sheeran is the most rational decision for her, Dakota Johnson gets attacked by a skunk (or does she???????), Brandi Glanville gets mad at TMZ because of something Gerard Butler did, North Dakota keeps giving Josh Duhamel money, and an Okapi gets a name.

PLUS: Rita Ora released a new song, but it broke her winning streak. So did the fact that she gets kidnapped in the final 50 Shades movie.

Who's There: Mandy Teefey & PC Peterson?

Congratulations to PC Peterson (of NYC Prep) and Quentin Esme Brown (of idk) on their sexless marriage! The two got hitched in Vegas with Tiffany Trump as their flower girl and who else was in attendance? A bunch of other Whos you might've heard of! A totally normal and fun weekend activity, if you ask us. Plus, some Doug Jones "fish goss" and Selena Gomez's mom, Mandy, commented on Instagram, while Melissa Joan Hart sold turkey on HER Instagram. Oh! And January Jones is dating Nick Viall. From The Bachelor. Yep.

Jwan Yosef & Alberta Ferretti

Nobody wants to be lonely, nobody wants to cry.|
These Whos are longing to hold you, so bad it hurts inside.


Because we don't feel like rewriting additional lyrics from "Nobody Wants to be Lonely," let's just quickly run down this week's topics: Ricky Martin's new husband, Katherine Heigl's blog, a turkey named Mena Suvari, and--drumroll please--Seal being disrespectful towards Rita.

Who's There: Adam Rippon & Barbara Meier?

Still recovering from this past weekend's Golden Globes? So are we. (And so is literally every celebrity gossip mag.) It was a LOT—and don't even get us started on that Winona Ryder L'Oreal ad... Actually, you know what? Get get us started. We talk about the Globes—including The Ad and the women who didn't wear black, Blanco Blanco and Babara Meier (whose names will be forgotten soon enough), a new figure skater on the scene named Adam Rippon (who is already our personal favorite), the Bachelor Winter Games (????) and who was more popular in high school: Ansel Elgort or Timothee Chalamet. I think we all know the answer to this one.

Baron Davis & Haley Giraldo Williams?

We’re following last night’s mostly terrible (with the exception of Oprah’s speech and BLL/Lady Bird winning) Golden Globes with updates on two important romances we’ve yet to cover on the show: Laura Dern & Baron Davis, and Robin Wright and...uhhh we already forgot his name. Next up, the Whos of the Golden Globes, and a quiz about Mister and Miss Golden Glo—oh wait, they’re called “Golden Globes Ambassadors” now.

Who's There: Schapelle Corby & Keven Undergaro?

More Australian stuff, you say? Well, you're in luck! Today's Who's There? has not just one, but two, Aussie stories: an update on Olivia Newton John's "missing" boyfriend (we just can't get enough of this guy) and convicted drug smuggler turned pop star legend Schapelle Corby!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, non-Aussies like Paris Hilton's new fiancé, Chris Zylka, and Maria Menoudos' new fiancé, Kevin Undergaro.

The 2017 Who, Me? Awards!

It's time for the second annual Who, Me? Awards! (AKA the WhoMes!) Celebrate the new year (and nurse your hangover) with this special episode featuring an original song by Bobby, appearances from your favorites Whos (or not), a performance by Tinashe, and PLENTY of big prizes like Boyfriend of the Year, #SPON of the year, The Best Thing We Didn't Know About Her, and The Barbara Corcoran Entrepreneurship Award. We can't wait to introduce you to even more Whos in 2018!

Who's There: Daryl Sabara & Lily James?

Hello! We're back again with more of YOUR comments (Ed Sheeran: not Irish; Lil Pump; didn't go to Harvard) as well as YOUR questions about a meme turned Rihanna BFF named Lil Mayo, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby-mama, Daryl "Future Husband" Sabara and the cast of 2018's Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Who's There: Lil Miquela & Lil Pump?

Why is New Mexico such a Who? Why is Roswell the only Them of U.F.O. sightings? Why is Erinn Hayes hanging out with Mandy Moore at an El Cantinero in Los Angeles? All good questions! Let us attempt to answer them for you. Plus, Instagram star Lil Miquela, Soundcloud rapper Lil Pump and B*Witched. Yes, B*Witched. (Yes, we know that Samantha Mumba is Irish too, but Lindsey forgot to mention her.)

Roswell, New Mexico & Pete Davidson?

Because Lindsey recorded from the great American southwest, today's episode begins with a lengthy discussion of all things Roswell: from the Whoiest celebrities on the UFO museum's wall to the forgotten made-for-TV movie ROSWELL starring Kyle MacLachlan, to the beloved UPN/The WB series that starred Shiri Appleby and Katherine Heigl. Why, you ask? Why not!

After catching you up on the LOVE ADVENT CALENDAR videos you almost certainly missed, it's time to chat about Pete Davidson's Themmy new tattoo, Jason Priestly punching his way into the narrative, Dasha Zhukova's whirlwind romance with (GASP) a former FRIEND, and a very quick rundown about Anna Faris's new boyfriend. Plus, we introduce a new segment that will be in every episode until May 19th (the day of the Royal Wedding): The Most Markleous Headline of the Week.

Who's There: Cellino & Barnes & Caroline Rhea?

*sung to the tune of Cellino & Barnes' iconic jingle* "Cellino & Barnes, are they Whos or Thems, call 619-WHO-THEM" OK, it's not AS catchy, but it works. Other things that (still do) work: Nia Vardalos, Caroline Rhea, the new hosts of the Great American Baking Show. Things that don't work? "This is Me" if you play it during a spin class, Bitcoin, Twitter Moments (if you're trying to figure out what's actually going on) and when you call and try and correct us on our "Lady Marmalade" (2001 remake) knowledge. Honey, it just won't work!

Betsy & Edei?

This week's episode accidentally centers on (or stumbles around) two mononymous musicians named Betsy and Edei. One of them is Bobby's new fave, and the other is James Marsden's fave of two years. Which one's which remains unclear, but the point is: drop your last name and you have an above-average shot at becoming either of those things.

Also: Lea Michele is OK, Jennifer Meyer is GREAT, and The Greatest Showman is [THOUGHTS EMBARGOED BY TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX].

Who's There: Jesse Metcalfe & Brenda Song?

It's Thursday and time to ask..."Who's! There!" This week: more on Princess? Duchess? Meghan Markle, a mysterious photo of Kristin Chenoweth, Kathy Bates & Sarah Hyland, our Celebrity Big Brother (U.S.!) dream cast, Katherine McPhee's wedding crashing antics and are Laurie Metcalf and Jesse Metcalfe related? (No.)

Karl Cook & Cressida Bonas?

Enough about Harry and Meghan! Let's talk about the REALLY big engagement news of the week: Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco! We're so happy for her, not only because she Weird Scienced herself a fiancé who loves horses and Instagram as much as she does, but because his last name is Cook and her last name is the Italian word for cook. In other tangentially related Royal Engagement news, Cressida Bonas is FINE and JustLifeQuotes is the Who version of Bartlett's. Oh, you'd prefer news that's ENTIRELY unrelated to the Royal Engagement? Scott Eastwood is an airline spokesman now.

Who's There: Abbie Cornish & Lucas Hedges?

Does Queen Elizabeth II know who Troian Bellisario is? Has Queen Elizabeth II ever watched Suits? Does Queen Elizabeth II know that Abbie Cornish has a rap career? Has Queen Elizabeth II seen any of the two Lucas Hedges films that have come out in the past two months? Do straight people (Queen Elizabeth II) know who Colby Keller is? Is Queen Elizabeth II worried that Gigi Gorgeous doesn't know what the word "surrogate" means? Does Queen Elizabeth II think that 2003's 'Pieces of April' is a Katie Holmes or Patricia Clarkson vehicle?

Stassi Schroeder & Candace Cameron Bure & Candace Cameron Bure

This week's episode is all about Stassi Schroeder's recent podcast blunder and Candace Cameron Bure's new Hallmark movie in which she plays identical twin sisters who love coffee. Oh, and Barbra Streisand's new Netflix special about Willy Wonka and climate change...or something. And Meghan Markle's dogs!

Sound like a strange assortment? Blame Thanksgiving. And then blame Candace Cameron Bure...twice.

Who's There: Beanie Feldstein & Marshmello?

Happy Thanksgiving! Feel free to use us as an excuse to escape your family dynamic for some "me time", but be sure to give thanks for US along with your feast. On today's call-in extravaganza: Jonah Hill's sister Beanie Feldstein, BTS and K-pop at this year's AMAs, the lady who wanted Charlie Manson's corpse (did she get it????), a DJ named Marshmello, why Brie Larson ditched her real name AND...Does Obama know what Rivderdale is? Great question.